Choosing the Right Physiotherapist for You

Choosing the Right Physiotherapist for You

Different people take part in physiotherapy programs for various reasons: while others choose it to break the chains of chronic pain, others prefer it just for fitness and strength goals, and yet some choose it hoping to get a better range of motion.

Unfortunately, finding a good physiotherapist is like going for a blind date; you will not know who and what you are going to get until you are there. However, there are six things you can consider to get the right physiotherapy for you. These include:

Treatment time

Depending upon your condition, typical physiotherapy sessions should last between 30-60 minutes. After an initial evaluation, your physiotherapist should inform you on the length of time your therapy session will last.  Here is what to expect at your first physiotherapy session.


Different physiotherapists specialize in various fields of study, different parts of the body and various injuries. Although almost all physiotherapists receive general training and can treat a large number of common maladies, it will do you no harm to inquire whether there is a specialized physio, to handle your condition or injury.

Qualification, Certification, and Licensing

Getting physiotherapy right is important. Besides, who wants to be treated by unlicensed physiotherapists, most of whom are quacks? To make sure you are receiving quality, specialized treatment, carry out some research regarding your considered clinic to learn about their physiotherapy team, their professional qualification, specializations and whether they are accredited, certified and licensed.


Just like time, specialization, qualification, and certification of a physiotherapy clinic are important, the location of a physiotherapy clinic is important too. This is especially true if you will need to attend your sessions twice or more in a week. Besides, some clinics operate in multiple locations, offering different services. It’s, therefore, recommendable to find a clinic that is relatively near you to attend all your sessions in the correct order.

Treatment methods/ techniques

From clinical palate and dry needling massage to musculoskeletal manipulation and simple education, all professional physiotherapists are trained to use a range of treatment techniques and methods. Generally speaking, it’s always advisable to leave the decisions around treatment to qualified professionals. But it’s critical to enquire about the treatment techniques a physiotherapist is going to use before you start your sessions.


The fee charged by a clinic is necessary. Some clinics will overcharge and offer you treatments that you may not like. But there are some which charge you based on the number of sessions. Before starting your sessions, you should know all the costs involved and any extra fee you may incur during the treatment.

As it always, starting something is the most arduous task. The same principle applies when you are out to look for the best physiotherapist. But you don’t need to worry; a great point to start with is your family doctor or healthcare adviser. If he is the one who came up with the suggestion, he will most probably partner with a therapist they can trust and whom they can refer you to.