Exactly How Is A Cooper Pyramid Used? Are They Healthy?

how to use a copper pyramid

Exactly How Is A Cooper Pyramid Used? Are They Healthy?

Different Ways To Use The Benefits Of A Copper Pyramid

Worn as a Hat

Pyramids have a solid ionization result within the body. Pyramid is a cosmic antenna. A pyramid power puts a mind into a theta-alpha state.


Meditation with a Pyramid aids you focus, relax as well as get to much deeper states of reflection. Its the perfect tool for any kind of reflection kind. Utilize the Pyramid energy for physical– spiritual healing, indication as well as emphasis. Perhaps the most common use of a copper pyramid is reflection. Consciousness is what develops the different regularities, enabling us to manifest fact and also produce different points as well as see things in different ways. As soon as you touch in to the pyramid power resource, pineal gland activation, chakra reflection, you trigger your True Self and can begin to see this energy of what it is.

Results of Pyramid reflection may consist of:

A sense of weightlessness
Electric-like prickling experiences.
Feelings of heat, normally in the upper sections of the body.
Tranquility, relaxation as well as freedom from stress.
Desires with dazzling colors and also visuals visions.
External stimulations, view and seems especially vanish.
Deeper, much more meeting reflections and greater power levels


Pyramids are powerful at creating prosperity, cleansing as well as encouraging crystals, recovery chakras, positively charging and cleaning any kind of area they are placed as well as bringing tranquility as well as tranquility into the residence. Once you experience among these pyramids in your property, you will quickly realise why you were drawn in to them and their advantages. Crystals will come to be cleansed as well as charged for better healing. Tired crystals are revitalized as well as glow with brand-new life.

Fruit and vegetables get charged with vital force prana and enhance their flavour after investing time in the pyramid.

Pyramid Water

Water is a cleaning, healing, psychic, as well as loving component, is a terrific necessity, without it absolutely nothing can live. Only planet and also water can produce a person. Such is the achievement of water that spiritual regeneration can not be done without it. It is a source of life. It’s a sign of filtration. In many religious beliefs, water is stated to have spiritual objectives (Holy Water in some Christian denominations, Amrita in Sikhism and also Hinduism).

Functioning on concept of bioresonance on a refined energy level (similar to homeopathy), when taken either inside or externally, pyramid water balances (regulates) all the processes in our organism. Pyramid Water can be our ideal “All-natural Restorative.”

Various benefits of Pyramid Water:

Boosts water focus in cells
Assists in removal of contaminants and “cleansing” of organism
Renews skin
Rises vigor
Accelerate healing processes and also rehabilitation of organism
Enhances body immune system
Anti-stress impacts
Healing without disturbance with microorganism (self-healing).
Helps recover skin, gastrointestinal problems.

Ionization of Environment and also Defense from Electromagnetic Pollution.

Pyramids are natural ionizers that assist boost air quality. A Pyramid can likewise be positioned in areas of the house to assist counteract the adverse impacts of geopathic stress and anxiety and the electromagnetic contamination of computer systems, tvs, cellular phone, power lines, wi-fi and so on.

Symptom. Document on a piece of paper a purpose, petition, or dream as well as location the paper within a pyramid. Enable its symptom to be magnified and also increased.


It assists to concentrate when you really feel exhausted or baffled.

Remove Negative thoughts.

Send out light and favorable vibrations to any kind of scenario or person.

Chakra Balancing

Pyramid Energy can be made use of for recovery. Great device for Chakra power work. Place them over the Chakras or areas of the body where power requires to be translated. Rest on your back and area the Pyramid base at a Chakra point or any location of your body that is giving you problem. Stay in this setting for several minutes and receive its renewing and also harmonizing vibrations.

Mood Stamina, Elevate awareness as well as vibrations

Maintaining a Pyramid neighboring assists you to strong your aura provides defense, psychological emphasis as well as boosted energy degrees. Raise your resonance, a brand-new life and also a brand-new world will reveal itself to you.

At The Workplace

Putting a pyramid in your office, can help enhance your focus, memory, creativity as well as removes any kind of stale power in your work environment.

Feng Shui

Place a Pyramid in locations of the house to aid fix blocked chi that may be impacting connections and wealth, as suggested in Feng Shui. The form of Pyramids, properly, straightened and attuned with, produces a sensation of complete balance as well as balance. Pyramids work as an antenna to bring in planetary energy. This complicated power is a combination of electro-magnetic cosmic waves in deep space,. The Pyramid absorbs these waves and also produces them. Placement with Earth orbital impacts Life in the grand play of the universe. Pyramids boost power circulation and revitalize areas. Sensory energies are activated right into multi-dimensional understanding. This spiritual style transcends the boundaries of time, mind, and also room. Attune to pyramid power to completely experience it’s results and also visibility. They profit the power circulation of room around them. The shape of the Pyramid is gotten in touch with five elements. The bodies along with the universe is made up of the 5 elements Planet, Water, Fire, Air as well as Ether. Before one can invigorate their residence with pyramids, they should: have a deeper understanding of the spiritual creation of their ideal purpose. Orient your home with ancient concepts of pyramid energy, feng-shui, to attain the desired outcomes. Nature gives standards for positioning through electro-magnetic, directional, attitudinal, seasonal, causal, karmic, & various other rhymes and also effects.

  • Never ever needs to be energetically gotten rid of or cleaned.