Treating Stress with Acupuncture

Treating Stress with Acupuncture

If you’re experiencing a high-stress anxiety and you’re looking for a drug-free alternative being utilized more and more by the medical community then acupuncture is the one for you. It is a powerful medical modality that is utilized effectively to reduce stress and anxiety in the body.

Today we are going to learn how acupuncture reduces stress and anxiety but first let’s look at the permissive human physiology to give you a foundation to work from.

Fight or Flight

The stress and anxiety that you may be experiencing is an expression of a life-saving system. It is called the “Sympathetic Flight-or-Flight Response”.

Now this system will literally save your life, think about it if you’re walking off the curb and all of a sudden you see a car coming right at you, this system turns on immediately causing your heart to beat real fast, pumping blood flow into your legs and you jump out of the way.

This system can literally give you superhuman strength, it is a powerful life-saving system. Now when this system goes beyond circumstance, goes beyond situation and goes into the chronic mode, this is where we have the problems because it gets habituated into automatic pilot. The body has an antidote to this fight or flight response, it’s the other side of this system called the parasympathetic “Rest and Digest” and it uses one nerve to help override that stress response and that nerve is called the “Vagus Nerve“. So anytime you’re in chronic stress or anxiety it’s telling us that the Vagus Nerve is not engaged and it’s not working, it’s not turned on and the system is stuck in that stress pattern.

How Acupuncture Helps

This is where the power of acupuncture may have a profound impact on reducing stress and anxiety conditions because this one modality has an effect on this one nerve. By stimulating the Vagus Nerve we override that fight or flight response.  Here is what that looks like.

Remember, this chronic stress and anxiety conditions have habituated this patterns and are highly sensitive conditions. This means that they could be set off with the slightest triggers of life.

The acupuncture’s goal is to interrupt that pattern enough times till the body goes back into the balance mode or what we call “Homeostasis”.

Acupuncture is a real physical medicine based on real anatomy, not energy.

-> It actually improves the flow of oxygen, nutrients and blood through the blood vessel system to nourish every cell of our body.
-> Acupuncture treats the number one cause of disease, that is Blood stagnation, the impaired blood flow in the body.
-> Acupuncture causes your blood vessels to dilate and increases blood flow to specific areas of the body to relieve pain, improve organ function and prevent aging.